Please Note: The Brock Campus Store will be OPEN Sunday, November 5th, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for Fall Preview Day.
  • Textbook dynamic pricing
  • Lower textbook prices on over 650 textbook titles!
  • The Campus Store has recently announced a new textbook dynamic pricing model for September 2015. Every morning the Campus Store will be price comparing on new textbooks with and change prices accordingly. Students can shop new, used, e-books and prices all on the website. If the student prefers the price they can simply click the price and be taken off the Campus Store website to the website.

  • For additional information on the press release for dynamic pricing please visit:


  • How do I know what books I need for my classes?
    Your search begins on the Brock Campus Store booklist located here . Search your course codes and review the list generated for each course code. Important information is listed under each course code outlining information on required materials so please review carefully to ensure you know what you are shopping for.
  • Does the Campus Store price match?
    No, the Campus Store is not price matching with We are reviewing prices to ensure, where possible, we are competitive with online vendors.
  • Could prices on textbooks be less expensive in August compared to September?
    Yes, all prices are subject to change. Daily review of prices will result in prices increasing or decreasing on textbooks.
  • Why is the price online different from the price on the shelf?
    As we change prices shelf tags need to also be changed. Please note that prices that are listed online are the prices that are in the system at the register. Please go by online prices.
  • Why is my textbook not listed on the booklist?
    If a textbook is not listed for your course it is because we have not received an order from your professor. The booklist is updated on a daily basis.
  • How do I know if the book is in stock?
    "In Stock" numbers are listed on the booklist under your course codes.
  • How do I know if I need the book?
    The Campus Store receives orders directly from your professors. If it is listed on the booklist as "required" then it is the book that your professor has selected for your course. Be sure to read the information under the course codes on the booklist to ensure you have all of the information/instructions from your professors regarding course material needs per class.
  • Do used books have access codes?
    No. Used books do not come with access codes. Check the booklist by searching your course code to see if the access code is sold separately.
  • Are access codes required?
    When you look up your course on the booklist information about access codes will be directly under the course code. Example: HLSC 2F95-D1 "access code is required for this course". Options for purchase will also be outlined. Example: textbook shrink wrapped with access code, access code and e-book sold together, or if the option is available access codes sold separately (without e-book or textbook) will also be provided as an option.
  • How do I save money on shipping charges for my online order?
    To avoid shipping charges select "in store pick up" . This option avoids line ups in the store and also saves you shipping.
    1. Click the "checkout" button once you have the products in your Shopping Cart
    2. Fill in your Billing Address and then Click "save and continue"
    3. At the Shipping Address Page click "same as billing"
    4. At the Shipping Method Page choose from the options in the Shipping Options Drop Down. Select In-Store Pickup
    5. Click continue
  • When is the Textbook Buyback? Hours are posted here.

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