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Our Guaranteed Buyback list

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What Is Guaranteed Buyback and How Does It Work?

If your textbook is on our Guaranteed Buyback list, we will buy it back from you for the price listed up until December 20th. Payment for all books on the guaranteed buyback list will be given on a credit or debit card. An additional 10% will be added if you choose a Campus Store gift card instead. Please be mindful that we will need to assess the condition of your book before we agree to buy it back. Books must be in a resalable condition (i.e. no missing covers, pages, or obvious water damage).

How Do I Know If My Book Is On The Guaranteed Buyback List?

We will have "Guaranteed Buyback" stickers on all textbooks in-store that are on our list. If your book is marked with a Buyback sticker, then we guarantee to buy it back for at least the advertised price on the shelf. Also check the top of this page for all the Guaranteed Buyback titles on our website click here.

What If My Book Is Not On The List?

Chances are that we will still be able to buy it back during one of our regular scheduled buyback programs. Click here to view the dates and times of our next scheduled buyback. During these times, bring your book in and we will let you know how much our wholesale partner is buying it back for.

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